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Quinta-feira, Setembro 23, 2021

Lil Cherpel – Step One ( EP )

this and the new Ep by Mozambican musician Lil Cherpel with the participation of kiid jay ,  kid Hommie & tonny imperial drip o EP is now available to download on our Digital Platform download. 

Artista: Lil Cherpel

Titulo : Step One

Estilo: Trap

Formato: MP3

Tamanho: 37.34 MB

Qualidade: 320 KBPS

 Ano de Lançamento: 2021

  1.  Lil Cherpel ft(kiid jay) follow my step
  2.  Lil Cherpel (get famous)
  3. Cherpel Here
  4. Lil Cherpel ft kid Hommie tonny imperial drip  (tako
  5. Cherpel Here 
  6. Lil Cherpel ft kid Hommie

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